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Making your online presence mobile friendly – what are the options

  With over 60% of visitors to websites using mobile devices such as smart phones and tablets according to a recent report by InMobi, it is a visitor segment that can no longer be ignored by your on-line presence. In addition to simple browsing, any business should be making effective use of social media strategies

Web Pages as Websites

A common mistake that many DIY web designers make is to see their site as a whole, imagining every surfer to come in through the front door and walk around. With this in mind they often create everything hinging on the home page with a few offshoots providing information on other pages. This is probably

Less costs, More sales

The beauty of web marketing is that is not prohibitively expensive. In many ways it can generate greater returns at a much lower cost of traditional forms of advertising. Unless you’re a massive player in the market that may spend millions on online marketing it is relatively cheap and easy to start getting your name