Five simple but proven ways to get more leads from your website

5 tips to increase leads from your website

It’s often the simplest strategies which have the biggest effect. Though you may be aware of some or all of these, it’s still surprising how many people think they just don’t need to implement them and yet, they continue to work for those who do.

1. Create a dedicated landing page and have a quote request form on it.

Too many people treat inbound links to their site like the front door of a physical shop, expecting visitors to come in the door and then look around to find what they’re looking for. This unfortunately doesn’t work in the online world as many visitors simply turn around with a single click to go to a competitor’s site that has the information more readily available. You need to funnel your visitors to the point of becoming a lead. Often, having a way to ask you a question right there and then will get them to send you a mail with a query or for a quote to find out more on your pricing, products or services.

2. Give customers something to ask  about (a call to action) whether it be specials or interesting information.

You need to entice your customers into leaving their information. If they think they can get a deal on a price or information that won’t be quite as easy to find in a few more clicks around the internet, they’re much more likely to give you their details through asking you a question.

3. Offer visitors something for free, a downloadable booklet or whitepaper.

These are easy to create – just use your industry knowledge and expertise to offer customers some small downloadable token with interesting content or advice. Even a one page brochure can be made to look professional and converted into pdf format for visitors to download.

4. Create an FAQ page.

People like information, the more you give them the longer they’ll stay and the more chance they’ll remember you or utilize your services simply because you’ve been more informative than a competitor. The more time they spend on your site and the more open you are with information, the more likely they are to trust you with, or request further, information from you. Remember to make it easy for them to ask a question from your FAQ page – which brings us to tip 5.

5. Add links in your text to your FAQ and Quote request page.

People do not like to spend time clicking through a site to find the information they’re looking for, or reading reams of information and then go searching for the right page. By simply converting a few keywords or terms that might require further explanation in your text to your FAQ or Contact page will once again give visitors the information they’re looking for and allow them to take those few extra seconds to send you a query. This also frees up your text from reams of boring explanations into impactful information in just a few short bursts.

The easier you make it for your clients to contact you, the more often you’ll find them doing it. Simply having a contact page is not enough, you need to actively funnel and direct your customers to the point of asking you a question.

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